Q: Do you accept insurance?

A: We do not accept most insurances for payment. We are primarily an “out of network” provider who accepts direct payment from clients prior to commencing care. If a client has out of network benefits, our office may submit a claim for services performed to the insurance carrier in an attempt for the client to receive reimbursement from their insurance carrier for services they paid for with us.

Q: Why don’t you accept my insurance for payment?

A: We are primarily an out-of-network provider who primarily does not accept insurance for payment. Choosing Civil Physical Therapy for your physical therapy needs means you’ll receive superior, personalized, and comprehensive care that is not limited by insurance constraints. Our focus on effective and efficient treatment, combined with our commitment to providing the highest level of care, sets us apart from insurance-based competitors. By paying cash for our services, you’ll have access to the best possible physical therapy experience. The only exception to the aformentioned is in the case of mobile therapy services of which we accept Medicare.

Q: How and when do I pay?

A: Payment for each individual session is due at the time services are rendered. We also offer discount packages that also must be purchased ahead of commencement of care.  We accept debit, credit, HSA card payments in-house, online, or over the phone. We also accept cash and checks in person.

Q: How long is standard therapy treatment?

A: Typically, therapy encounters last approximately 1 hour. We do offer specialized programs and recovery methods at reduced times and rates, which can be found here.

Q: What is the difference between the physical therapy that you provide compared to traditional physical therapy?

A: We offer specialized physical therapy  services that are tailored to each patient’s unique needs and goals, going beyond the standard approach to physical therapy. The physical therapy services we provide are designed to address the root causes of each patient’s condition, not just the symptoms, to help them achieve, long-term, sustainable results. Our approach to physical therapy is comprehensive and holistic, taking into account all aspects of a patient’s health and wellness to promote optimal recovery and performance.

Q: What is performance therapy?

A: Performance therapy is a specialized physical therapy service approach that focuses not only on restoring function, but also enhancing performance in functional activities or sport, while reducing the risk for future injuries, so that clients can live their lives to the fullest.

Q: Are you licensed/certified?

A: Our practitioners are doctors of physical therapy are fully licensed in the state that they practice. Furthermore, many of our doctors have extensive training and received specialized board certifications, would you allow them to use advance techniques and technologies, to optimize clients outcomes, and help them achieve their full potential.

Q: How are you different from a chiropractor?

A: Chiropractors and Physical Therapists share a lot more in common than what meets the eye. They both have doctorate levels of education in their respective fields of practice. They both use similar methods to help improve patient’s recovery from a setback using manual techniques, therapeutic exercise, and physical agents. They both have direct access to patients in which they are able to diagnose and treat a patient (whose diagnosis falls within their scope of practice) without a prescription from a physician for a set point of time. Chiropractors are commonly known as the practitioners who provide spinal manipulations while physical therapists are commonly known as the practitioners who provide specific exercise interventions to improve patient’s functioning. However, chiropractors prescribe exercises just as physical therapists perform spinal manipulations. We are both allied healthcare practitioners who help patients get better with more in common than we do different. 

Q: Do you treat elbow, wrist, and/or hand conditions?

A: Although we are able to treat elbow, wrist, and hand conditions, we typically refer most patients with elbow, wrist, and hand conditions to occupational therapists for standard care. Special circumstances may apply where we will treat an elbow or hand condition in house. We may see athletes who have completed standard occupational therapy treatment and are ready to move on to the next level of training, which is performance therapy. Our focus is on improving range of motion, strength, and overall function, allowing athletes to safely return to their sport or activity at the highest level possible. If you’re an athlete looking to enhance your elbow, arm, wrist, or hand function and performance, turn to our performance therapy services for specialized treatment and customized training programs.

Q: Can I see you prior to seeing my regular doctor (physician)?

A: Yes, our doctors of physical therapy are able to evaluate, diagnose, and start a physical therapy plan of care for our patients without requiring that a patient see their regular doctor first. It is a protected right that varies in application based on the state which physical therapy services are being rendered. In the state of Georgia, physical therapists are able to treat patients for 21 days prior to requiring a physician’s script. In the state of New York, physical therapists are able to treat for 30 days prior to requiring a physician’s script.

Q: Do you work with other doctors in the area?

A: Yes, we have many collaborative relationships with various physicians in the local areas that we serve.

Q: My doctor recommends that I quit my sport/activity due to my symptoms. Staying active in my sport/activity is important to me. Is there a way around this?

A: In contrast to simply discontinuing participation, physical therapy can offer a sustainable, long-term solution that allows individuals to continue pursuing their passion while minimizing the risk of further injury or pain. Physical therapy can be used to identify and address underlying causes of pain or discomfort, including muscle imbalances, mobility deficits, or weak areas of the body. By working with one of our physical therapists, individuals can receive personalized care and guidance tailored to their unique needs and goals, helping them stay healthy and active for years to come.