Civil Physical Therapy believes in “paying it forward” and investing in our industry’s future leaders through various programs designed to help students, new graduates, and employees develop their skills and achieve their professional goals.

One of our key initiatives is our student clinical internship program, which provides hands-on experience and mentorship to aspiring physical therapists. We partner with universities and colleges to offer students the opportunity to work alongside experienced therapists in our clinics, giving them exposure to real-world scenarios and preparing them for their future careers. Our internship program not only benefits the students, but also allows us to identify potential talent and cultivate a pipeline of future employees.


In addition to our internship program, we also offer mentorship opportunities for new graduates, helping them transition from the classroom to the workplace. We pair new graduates with experienced therapists who provide guidance, feedback, and support as they navigate their early careers. Our mentorship program is designed to help new graduates develop the skills and confidence they need to succeed in their profession.

We also invest in leadership training for all of our employees, regardless of their role within the company. We believe that strong leadership is essential for a successful business, and we want to empower all of our employees to become effective leaders in their own right. We offer training on topics such as communication, team building, and conflict resolution, giving our employees the tools they need to lead with confidence and inspire others.

In addition to leadership training, we also provide soft skill and hard skill development programs to help our employees grow both professionally and personally. Our soft skill training covers areas such as emotional intelligence, time management, and stress management, while our hard skill training focuses on clinical skills, technology, and industry trends.

At Civil Physical Therapy, we believe in empowering all of our employees to reach their full potential, regardless of their background or experience. By investing in our industry’s future leaders through our various programs, we are not only helping to shape the future of physical therapy but also creating a culture of growth, learning, and empowerment within our company.

Our structured career programs include:

  • Clinical Internships
  • New Grad Mentorships
  • Road To Leadership
  • Clinical Development

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